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Our school provides a new teaching method based in values, from the earliest years of the child's life, this methodology is based in Early Learning Programmes that guarantee the educational improvement of our students from their early stages, this will allow them to develop their skills in a very efficient way, always considering their individual learning pace.


  Who are we?


 This is a co-educational school for 0-3 years old kids that started its activity in January 2014.


  • The school is open year round, from 8:00 to 17:30, except August and bank holidays.
  • The school admits 36 students among 0 - 3 years old.
  • Children learn while they experiment in workshops that help them acquire and widen their knowledge.
  • They study English for 30 minutes every day (intelligence bits, songs, games, movies), psychomotor activities (30 minutes twice a week), new technologiesvia tablets.
  • We are part of the Family Shared Experiences Project using a "travelling book", we also programme workshops and visits for parents.
  • We aim to strengthen imagination by Storytelling and Music therapy.
  • We try to meet every children and family neccessity.
  • School Transport and "Cheque Bebé"(Xunta) are available.
  • We can guarantee "one point" in the admission proccess to ensure a place in San Narciso Kindergarten school.
















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